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# 76 Fun A Day Pittsburgh

#76 Fun A Day Pittsburgh

Happy 2017!  We are going to make this year RULE!  Starting off the new year with a super fun project for all of you.  Fun A Day Pittsburgh is an event that has been in “play” for over a decade in Pittsburgh, and I JUST found out about it.  I need more fun in my life, and what better way to start the new year, than participating in something that is committed to just doing what you love for 31 days.   So that is the whole deal, do something fun for 31 days, and at the end of those 31 days, display your project in an art show.

That is it! Now, don’t think too much into it, and don’t freak out like I did. (I had no clue what I was going to do for the longest time).   I am super happy I got to sit with Laura Greenawalt and Angela Stabryla because they calmed me down, and explained the event in detail.  I missed speaking with Emma Rehm, who has been running Fun A Day for many years, but was very excited to chat with these two wonderful women about why they decided to step up, and help keep it going.

 Tune in and check out how you can join in the fun.  Because if you aren’t having fun, what’s the point? OH! and don’t freak out also because this releases Jan 8th, you can STILL participate in Fun A Day!  Just start now!

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2016 was a crazy year for me, I got published in Huffington Post, featured in NY Media The Vanguard as an influential woman in media, got to interview people I thought I would never, ever meet including Alec Baldwin, and Patrick Wilson……..   I am so thankful, and so happy to be a part of everyone’s lives. I really hope 2017 is a million times better!  Cheers all!

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Photos by Jack Fordyce!  Especially like the one he snuck in their of Phil and I’s new ornament! Thanks Jackie!


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