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# 77 Marcel Lamont Walker *Contest Alert*

#77 Marcel Lamont Walker

I cannot draw, I truly don’t have great penmanship either, so I am constantly in awe of folks that have this ability.  I think most of us are “drawn” to them, the creatives.  Having a talent that may take some shaping, but is really THERE.  I feel as though my first form of  influential artwork was comics.  I loved them.  I am sad to say, that Barbie was one of the first ones I had because of my catholic grade school upbringing.  Anything I didn’t get to smuggle in, was provided for by my older brother, and sister.

I will admit, they had a great *ahem* book and film collection that was well past my years, but no comics.  Barbie was the only subscription service allowed to be delivered to the house   I could go into the whole theory about self esteem, and why this, for me was a poor subscription choice from my parents, but that’s what I got.  Shortly after Barbie, came Batman.  What a jump, a release, a slight breath of seeing a glimmer of who I am as a person.  Someone I could relate to, finally look up to, and envision myself working side by side.  Yes, I know…. Batman.

I would think that this is pretty standard for folks that enjoy comics.  Which is why, after my long rant (thank you for humoring me), I present to you a man with ridiculous talent, creativity, and passion, Marcel Lamont Walker.

I met Marcel at a Toonseum event through our mutual friend Stu Neft.  He was instantly likable, and I found him to be genuine in his enthusiasm about….. everything.  I feel rather confident in saying that people who have met Marcel, would say he is a spot of sunshine.  It is always refreshing to meet someone, and know quickly that you would like to hang out with them more than a passing greeting.  Marcel was very much this person.

Aside from having a long list of creative traits-  musician (yes the man can sing too!, author, teacher, writer, artist, photographer, and illustrator.  He has things that I just wanted to chat with him about, mainly his comic Hero Corp., International, and the collaborative effort with The Holocaust Center of Greater Pittsburgh called, CHUTZ- POW! Superheroes Of the Holocaust. 

I have a in depth and charming interview with him.  I loved having him on my show, and you will love all of the inspirational things he has to say.  Enjoy.

ALSO!  Contest Giveaway!-

Marcel is giving away a big prize to a lucky winner!  1 pair of Chutz-Pow comics AND a personal sketch of YOURSELF as a super hero! WHAT!  How cool is that!?

Ways To Enter-

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Winner is pulled in two weeks for the release of my episode with City Of Play!  God speed!

Also! Don’t forget to check out their annual event for the Toonseum- KA- BLAM!  April 22nd!


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