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#78 City Of Play- Adam Nelson and Greg Manley

#78 City Of Play- Adam Nelson and Greg Manley

I have been waiting for this episode for probably about two years.  I have covered other events for City Of Play, and am a HUGE fan of this organization.  I feel as though I was just waiting for the perfect moment to record, maybe even waiting to get to know the organizers better.  I just knew, I wanted to wait to record to bring their story to all of you, and I am glad I did.  In the two years I have known them, they have become very great friends, and it just made this episode that much more fulfilling to record.

Adam and Greg are awesome, they provide an invaluable service to our city. “City of Play is a creative agency that designs interactions and builds real-world games for businesses and communities.”  This is what the description is on their website. City Of Play is so much more than that though, it is about relationships, team building, engaging the people, and places in, and around our city.  It is about FUN, pure fun, and working together without scorn, or judgement.  EXAMPLE!

The first time I walked into an event hosted by what was then called Obscure Games. It was for the Hambones Wednesday game night.  I didn’t know anyone there, I was an outcast, and I instantly wanted to turn around and leave before I walked into the door.  Things changed though, people said hi, folks looked up from their games and invited me to play.  A gentleman named Ben Shulman was the nicest guy I have met to date, and welcomed me to sit in on a game that A: They were halfway into playing B: That I have no clue how to play.  Ben explained everything, and we had such a great time doing it. I was hooked!

City Of Play has evolved since then into amazing things, their festival Come Out and Play happens yearly, they offer companies in Pittsburgh team building exercises (Adam I know you hate that term, lol) They put up a huge installation of the game Operation for UPMC, and are just on the tip of the iceberg for exciting things.  Oh, and they put on Dodgeball, my absolute favorite.  You can see me rocking out in the photos below.

Join Adam, Greg, and myself as we delve into the world of adult gaming.  I am sure you will have a ball, and maybe even join in the next event!  I hope to see you there!  True personalities pictured below-


City Of Play Pittsburgh, PA sits with Marta On The Move Podcast, game central

Photo by Lindsay dill


Marta On The Move Loves Dodgeball.  Photo by Justin Merriman


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Photos by Phil Mazzoni




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