Marta on the Move
Creativity& Play Consultant

More Creativity, Connection, and fun at your next event?

Bring Marta’s unique and potent mix of energy, confidence, fun, and connection to your next event as a speaker, MC, or Play Facilitator? 

Marta on the Move

What is a play facilitator?  

A person who can...

hold the discomfort in a room and make it comfortable allowing others to feel safe, welcome, and seen. I love pulling groups out of their stuck habits to see things from a different perspective. Through games and breath work I am hired to shake things up at events, retreats, workshops, and conferences helping turn strangers into friends, forming deep connections with themselves and others and to walk away knowing they had a meaningful and fun experience. One of my passions is to remind adults why play is important and has value in our lives.

Ever attend an event where folks just stand around, talking with the same people they came with or the only ones they know? On the flip side, have you ever hosted an event or meeting investing time, money, and energy and it ended up feeling like something was missing?

That’s Where I Come In.

I have a passion, and an energy for being able to take that awkward step forward and open others up to more meaningful conversations, experiences, and activities. 
I didn’t realize it was part of the gifts that I have been given until I lost my sister to cancer in 2021. That year that followed my grief took hold and my playfulness disappeared. Since then my sister Nina has been constantly reminding me to remember to play. To remember the importance of it in a time of sorrow, and embrace what lights me up inside and comes as naturally to me as breathing which is making others feel included and seen.
I have been hired by schools, corporations, fundraisers and more to bring my unique energy, life experiences, and relatability to the room!
  • Connection
  • Meaning
  • Creativity
  • Laughter
  • Lasting memories
  • Focus
Marta Play Facilitator
Marta Event Speaker

Marta’s Speaking Topics

Don’t let your next meeting or event be dull, boring, and uninspired. Next time make it inclusive, fun, engaging, and meaningful! Your guests will want to come to your events again and again. I am for hire, and ready to share this passion with you! Marta’s speaking topics include

  • Cutting the Cord of Comfort
  • Radical self love
  • Cultivating confidence
  • Inspirational stories to face your fears
  • How play and mindfulness cultivate creativity and connection in a disconnected world.
  • Life after loss