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Marta has become an educator, advocate, and speaker on the subjects of loss and grief. Shining light on these topics that are under represented yet connect us all. 

Are you experiencing the pain and heartbreak of loss?

Maybe you feel stuck in transition.

Do you have things left unsaid and unheard deep within your heart that needs to be expressed?

Marta lost her sister Nina Louise Napoleone to lymphoma in 2021. Two years later, she felt called to deepened her knowledge and take the training to become a certified Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist.

She is an educator and public speaker on normalizing grief and speaking openly about the one subject that all connects us as humans, loss. 

There are over 40 different losses we may experience in our lifetime, other than just death. Loss of a friendship, loss of childhood, trust, safety. Marta encourages people to understand that each of their pain is unique and deserves to be healed to better and enrich the lives of others and themselves.

Through her 1:1 and group grief recovery programs and coaching, Marta has brought healing, joy, and connection into individuals lives. Marta considers herself a “tour guide” of grief, holding a safe and welcoming space, and walking with others on their grief journey.  


Since this program, I've been experiencing a lot of happy memories of my dad, memories that haven't come up in years. It feels like there's room for them now when there wasn't before because all the unresolved stuff got in the way. It feels like a gift to be able to have these happy memories back. I could immediately see the value in going through this process with other, more complicated relationships in my life; I want to feel that healing completeness with everyone I love, past, present, and future. I wish everyone would know how valuable this program is and how incredible Marta is as a safe and welcoming facilitator!” ~ Elizabeth Roberts

Working with Marta for grief recovery feels like confiding in a trusted friend you can share your innermost feelings with. Before the program, I felt very burdened by my emotions, feeling somewhat flattened by the increasing amount of loss I had experienced in life, and I felt like it would be an extremely taxing challenge to sort through all that had happened to me and everything that I had experienced emotionally as a result.

It went beyond working through grief and loss; because of my work with Marta, I was able to let go of surprising emotions, like anger and guilt, too. She’ll tell you it feels like taking rocks out of a big backpack, and when she first made the analogy, I’ll admit, it sounded amazing albeit a little unrealistic. But that’s exactly what it feels like.

I now feel lighter and have a better perspective on my lived experience, making me more emotionally open and prepared for my future. Before I felt like I was being crushed by the weight of everything I was going through, and now I feel more unburdened than I would have expected. Doing the program was a great investment in my emotional health; I would do it again without hesitation.” ~Laine Wilson

“Marta is amazing at grief guidance. She was born for this. I 
appreciate her helping me to be vulnerable, I struggle with that, and at the same time, she made me feel very comfortable throughout the uncomfortable feeling of getting out of my comfort zone. I want others to know that their grief journey doesn’t have to be a lonely one, that they are not alone, that there are many people out there experiencing the pain that they feel too, the difference is, learning how to navigate the loss, which Marta’s guidance helps with tremendously.” ~ Sarita Wells

“I wish I would have found this program years ago. It is life-changing. I would have had better relationships with others and myself. I am just so happy that I found it and Marta when I did” ~ Adam Nelson

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For more information on programs, email or view her Free Grief Masterclass below that gives tips on how to feel better right now during grieving.

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