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I specialize in holding a mirror up to others so they can gain clarity in their lives, align their values, and awaken their inner child to find joy. Every person needs someone in their corner to help them with accountability and confidence, I love being that person.

Whether you are just looking for someone to listen to your troubles, you need an outside perspective on a project you are working on or a life decision, or maybe you just need a cheerleader-I am here for you!

Do you feel like you have lost a part of yourself?

  • You have felt stuck in transition and are looking for a fresh perspective.
  • You have been craving someone in your corner to help cheer you on.
  • You need some accountability in your life.
  • You have so many brain windows open you find yourself stuck in analysis paralysis.
  • You are ready to go on a treasure hunt of the soul and find out who you are now.
  • You like Marta’s unique approach to life and want some of that!

Everyone is Different.

Marta’s mix of playful personal development, mindfulness techniques, movement, grief recovery training, and deep connection is potent. No person is created equally, so she believes that not every approach will be the same! Marta truly meets her clients where they are and connects with them deeply to understand them. She only works with clients who are ready to invest in themselves and know that the only way to level up is to ask for help. Vulnerability is strength! Congrats on being here!
Book a 45 minute Explorative Session to see if we are a right fit! The cost of a single session will get rolled into a mentorship program should you choose to continue working together.

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Going through a transition? Feeling like you have hit a wall and need a rediscover of self? This is the program for you!

Marta on the Move Mentorship

Let me help you achieve your goals.


Always feel like you are working backwards? Feeling heartache after loss? Start here.

Healing The pain Unresolved Grief

Feel the weight off your shoulders
90 Minute Intensive Workshop

Explorative Sessions

1 single coaching session with Marta
Let's begin to dig in deeply.
90 Minute Intensive Workshop

Uncovering Soulful Purpose and Joy Workshop

Take the ride.

Uncovering Soulful Purpose and Joy Workshop




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