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#37 Airbnb Advice with Kate and Nikolaus Stoltzfus- Should you host one?

I have received a lot of questions about Airbnb.  Why I like it?  What are some of the best I have seen, and also how to book a room.  Phil and I are taking over our downstairs area, and thinking of trying our turn at renting it out through their website.  We have two friends in Pittsburgh who do just that, and we wanted to pick their brains about the trials and errors of owning your own Airbnb.  So if you are ever thinking of getting into renting your space while you are away, this will be a great episode to tune into.  We go over what the process is, what kinds of customers you may get, and how to deal with them. We also feature what we love about using it on our travels, some of the places we loved staying in, and how to look for the best deals!  Tune in and also be sure to check out their Airbnb in Pittsburgh! —

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