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#91 Kenny Gould- Hop Culture Magazine

#91 Kenny Gould

I recently met Kenny Gould on a shoot of a TV pilot.  I was playing the part of the host of the show, and Kenny, was one of my judges.  A very picky judge is what he had to portray, and I soon realized that the person he was playing on the show, was not his true character.  Kenny is ridiculously funny, intelligent, and down to earth. Not only that, but he is self made successful entrepreneur.

Kenny Gould is Co-founder, and Editor in Chief of Hop Culture Magazine created right here in Pittsburgh, a periodical that is distributed all over the globe digitally.  It has readers in every corner of the world that want to talk about their favorite subject- BEER.

I myself am a craft brewer, having gotten into the process years ago. I love the process and the community that goes into brewing beer.  It is so supportive.  I don’t brew a ton anymore because I realized I was gaining weight at a rapid pace.  When you brew a 5 gallon batch of your favorite clone (Old School Dog Fish Head), you end up with about 2 cases of beer on your hands. What do you do when you have that much beer?  You drink it, a lot.  I had to take a step back from brewing it, but I still love to indulge in craft home brew every now, and then, and so does the general population.

Craft breweries are popping up everywhere.  Here in Pittsburgh, we probably have at least 20 with more “brewing” every month.  Kenny and his friend and other founder Travis Smith saw that potential, and realized a magazine catered towards craft beer would be essential.  So Hop Culture was born, and sprouted.  They now have contributors from across the world wanting to share their stories.  I had no idea Brazil had a craft beer culture, but I found out about that in this podcast.

We talk about beer in this episode, but we also touch on so much more than that.  Kenny is first, and foremost a writer. (Kenny, stop judging my grammar)  He studied creative writing, contributing to Time Out New York, Thrillist, Table, Good Food Pittsburgh, Local Pittsburgh, and Craft Pittsburgh, among many other publications.  I also found out that he has helped people in prison with their creative writing projects.  It was very moving to hear about it.

Another aspect of his life is yoga, which is near and dear to me.  Kenny is a teaches yoga, and also discovered he could combine his two loves together- yoga, and beer into an event focused on both.  It’s called Ales and Ohms.  Kenny teaches yoga at different breweries in Pittsburgh, and after the flow, guests get to raise a glass to each other, and quench their thirst.  I can’t think of a better way to drink my beer.

I hope you enjoyed this episode!

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