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#109 Author Thomas Sweterlitsch Writes His New Book – “The Gone World” a Science Fiction Thriller

#109 Author Thomas Sweterlitsch –The Gone World

Pittsburgh author Thomas Sweterlitsch has been a guest on my show previously to talk about his book Tomorrow and Tomorrow, a post apocalyptic novel based in Pittsburgh. When I first read that book, I knew I loved the way Thomas’s mind worked. It was a twisted, nostalgic, murder mystery, thriller, that plunged me deep into the world of science fiction. A place I often love to go.

I grew up reading certain authors I probably wasn’t supposed to be reading around 9 years old. A combination of Zebra romance novels that were hidden under my sister’s bed, R L Stine, Stephen King, and Mary Higgin Clark rounded out my reading material. My character as it stands today is flawless based on these influences. 😛

Science Fiction I grew to love slowly. At first not quite knowing what defined the genre, but then realizing I was already entranced with it through multiple books. It is for this reason, I could not wait to get my hands on The Gone World. A book that stays with you long after you read the last page.

Sticking with his Pittsburgh roots, Sweterlitch keeps the book’s characters centered around a small town outside of Pittsburgh, PA. The book starts with a murder and a kidnapping, a covert government operation that involves space, time travel, and the end of the world.

The book had me hooked on page one, not an easy task. The protagonist in the book is Shannon Moss. Moss is a tough as nails government agent that takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Seriously, she is bad ass. Loved having that strong female lead in this novel that Sweterlitch paints perfectly.

The book flew really fast for me, and also left me questioning philosophical subjects. It was perfect and I needed to finish it before Thomas came back on the show. I wasn’t the only one that was interested in reading it either. Director Neill Blomkamp gained interest in the book after Fox acquired the rights to the book. Stating it was one of his favorite reads.

Is this not every author’s dream to have an award winning director at the helm of your project? You can read about it in Entertainment Weekly (How cool is that) In this interview the roles are reversed and Sweterlitch gets to interview Blomkamp.

I for one cannot wait to see how it turns out, who they cast, and what changes they may have made. With all of the detailed layering in the novel, it won’t be easy to adapt it to the screen. My brain was working overtime to try to imagine what Sweterlitch was describing.

Tune into this episode as we talk all about his book

Topics discussed include-

-Are there steps for authors who want to see their book move from page to screen

-Tom’s favorite author to sit down to dinner with

-The Expanse and why Tom hasn’t seen it yet. (Seriously, get on it)

-How he molded the world in the novel

– The Artist’s Way, and how it can unlock writers creativity

– Should writers always be writing

-Why Marta will never write a book. (Never gonna happen)

and much, much more. Check out the episode where we chat about Tomorrow and Tomorrow  Man, that was episode 19 and this is episode 109. Coincidence? Yes, but after reading The Gone World, I am not so sure. LOL

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