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#146 All The Details Of My New Wellness Program. 3 To Be Me- A Guided Journey of Self Discovery Through Total Body Connection.

I am ripping the bandaid off and telling you first about something I have been working on for YEARSSSSS. If you have followed Marta on the Move for a while now, you will have seen that my curious nature has been focused a good bit on lifestyle and well being. (Don’t worry there will always be travel and entertainment!)

That last car accident I was in left me in major pain, and it really pushed me over the edge to think about taking care of myself for longevity, this year my family has also experienced some hard transitions which has helped me realize that I want to focus on wellness and lifestyle for a while and help other’s no matter where they were on their journey. A few years ago, I became a yoga instructor, studied reiki, meditation, and mobility courses. I continue to learn more and more every day. 

Which is why I am so excited to bring to you my new wellness program 3 To Be Me- A Guided Journey of Self Discovery Through Total Body Connection.

Who is it for?

For anyone that NEEDS a reset in their lives. For anyone that is stressed, has brain fog, is controlled by their cravings, need a jump start, has tried other wellness programs and was left unsatisfied.

This course is for someone that is ready for a change.

For anyone feeling uninspired, foggy, sluggish, lacking creativity, or overwhelmed. This is your moment to choose self care and reset.

I know I told you guys that I was never the most active human when I was younger, and at one point I weighed over 200 lbs and was in a terrible mental place. I have tried almost every single diet or workout plan there is over the past 20 years, and they always left me wanting. 

When I would eventually “fall off the wagon” of whatever plan I was on I felt tremendous guilt at my failure, and then never returned to it. The expectation to continue was too much. 

I also felt that something was always left on the table with these programs. None of them ever factored in my mindset. 

Sure my I was losing weight and my body felt good, but what about my mind? It felt like a lost opportunity to really have clarity, and discover who I was in my life at that point. What were my goals, how have I changed over the years.

To me, mindset is EVERYTHING. Without a healthy mindset everything in your life may feel daunting, foggy, or uninspired.

I have spoken and interviewed over 45 people these past couple of weeks, and they feel the same way that I do that mindset is the KEY to contentment and self discovery. 

Why were all these diet and exercising plans not addressing it, and most importantly- How do I tap into and go deeper into my own mindset? It was intimidating without the proper help.

Everyone wants to feel better, happier, and have clarity of mind and body, they just don’t have the tools needed to succeed. Allow me to provide those to you.

I have cracked the code of achieving total body connection, and am
bringing all my knowledge that brought me back from my 200lb weight, shifted my habits, and most importantly had me tuning into my intuition.

3 To Be Me is broken down into a simple 3 week step by step practical course for you to take action and make a change!

Nourishment + Movement + Mindfulness = Total Body Connection!

This course is for EVERYbody… See what I did there? No really, this course is for the person who hits the gym everyday, or someone just starting out. A person who has healthy eating habits, or someone who is loving on some pizza all the time. A person who wants to go deeper into getting to know themselves, or just needs a little push for healthy habits. It is for every level out there.

Enrollment is open today for one week at a discounted rate for a beta prelaunch to my subscribers.

Don’t want to start a program before the holidays? I get you. The first 3 To Be Me starts on January 10th 2021 and beta testers get access to me personally via live workshops. The only time ever this special consultant feature will be offered!

I will be right there along with you!

Allow me to be your guide and accountability partner. Everyone needs that person in their corner, and I want to be yours!
Self care is SO important, and I hope you take this journey with me!

Only my newsletter subscribers will be open to first dibs for the program, discounts, and perks. Want more details click here!


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