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#147 The One Thing You Can Do To Change People’s Toxic Patterns and Behaviors Around You That Actually Works.

I realize that I am spitting out more podcasts that I know what to do with, but the reason is because I AM EXCITED and this is my lead up to the release of my wellness course on Jan 10th. (See below for details)

I have recently embraced the change in myself to focus more on life style, self care, self discovery and growth mindset. This is something I have been passionate about for years.

This means you will be getting a good bit of episodes of me rambling about things I have discovered that have helped me that I want to share with you all that might help you too.

I begin this episode describing the fact that anytime I speak with someone that tells me about a person acting in a toxic way around them, I open up about this one thing that they can do to change their habits. The one thing that you can do today to start the flow of change. I tell anyone I can about it. I shout it from the rooftops! Because when you find something that works, you want other’s to know about it too!

…and it does really work. Don’t believe me? I don’t blame you. I would have thought the exact same thing if I hadn’t learned from it.

I have my friend Mia to thank for introducing me to the book Dance of Anger. Mia got cancer at a young age and we sat down years ago to talk about SO MANY THINGS that every person needs to know going into it. You can tune into that amazing chat HERE

She gave me this book suggestion, and I hate to say this book changed my life, but it really opened up some negative patterns that were swirling around me, how to spot them, and how you can actually change people’s behaviors around you.

This book is geared toward women, but I truly think that it is an important lesson for any person who has tried to maybe give advice to someone and them never taking it, that they just keep swimming in their own misery.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

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