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My Two Favorite Caffeine Substitutes for a Bright Morning.

A while ago I gave up espresso and regular coffee. I found it hitting me at the wrong time of day. I would become shaky, irritable, and had bad sleep. I moved towards decaf and the occasional matcha powder. Even then I wouldn’t have them everyday, more like a treat.

To reset my body and mind I decided to go 100 days of no alcohol, sugar, white flour or caffeine. Yeah, I know… I’m nutty.

The thing is, it feels reallllllly good to do this challenge. I have been for the past five years. This year will be the longest I have tried to achieve.

That being said… Finding some different drink options without caffeine, sugar, or alcohol has been a challenge. Here are some of the things that have worked for me.

Mushroom Extract Powder-

Not only are studies coming out left and right about the health benefits of these mushrooms, but they tastes great too! It is like coffee and chocolate had a baby. I heat up some hot water, put two teaspoons in of this, pinch of salt or monk fruit extract, maybe a dash of heavy cream and boom! Delish substitute that won’t raise your cortisol levels and will give you the extra boost you need in the morning! This may not be for everyone, but I am really excited to explore adding some other flavors with this like cardamom, ginger, etc.


Having a hard time giving up pop, or sugary drinks? This is it! I brew this bulk tea and it tastes tart and sweet without the sugar. I like to combine it with club soda for extra brightness. When my nephews and niece come over this is always the cold brew I make and they love it in replacement to pop! As a hot tea, it is very strong flavor and I find I can use the tea over and over. Usually starting with a hot tea, then making a cold brew with the second or third steeping.

Pro Tip- Get yourself a coffee press for making large amounts of tea easily. I swear by this thing.

These are my two replacements that have helped my morning caffeine fix. I am feeling much calmer than I have in a while.

Trying to give up coffee and just can’t seem to? Try this- do the same ritual as you do with your coffee with something new and see if just that habit of doing it will satisfy you. One time I heated up water, put it in a fancy coffee cup and sat down to do work. It worked to satisfy my craving of that ritual and heat. Try it!

Have you tried any of these? Would love to hear your thoughts or any suggestions for quality herbal teas!

Not saying I am giving up on my matcha love. NEVER! Just taking a break from it, and will return to it as a treat! The best matcha is here!



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