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Grief Recovery Specialist And Grief Resources For You

Marta has become an educator, advocate, and speaker on the subjects of loss and grief. Shining light on these topics that are under represented yet connect us all. 

Do you have unresolved grief that needs to be healed?

Is there a loss in your life that you wish you would have done something different, or better?

Do you have things left unsaid and unheard deep within your heart that needs to be expressed?

Marta lost her sister Nina Louise Napoleone to lymphoma in 2021 Two years later, she felt called to deepened her knowledge and take the training to become an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist.

She is an educator and public speaker on normalizing grief and speaking openly about the one subject that all connects us as human, loss. There are over 40 different losses we may experience in our lifetime, other than just death. Loss of a friendship, loss of childhood, trust, safety. Marta encourages people to understand that each of their pain is unique and deserves to be healed.

Through her 1:1 and group work hosting the Grief Recovery Method Marta has brought healing, joy, and connection into other’s lives. Marta considers herself a “tour guide” of grief, holding a safe space, listening, and walking with others on their grief journey. She also educates other’s on how to address children during a time of grieving.”

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For more information on The Grief Recovery Method or Marta’s programs, email or view her first informational talk at the video below.

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