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#53 Cathy Bruno- Author of Pathway of the Chosen series

Cathy Bruno, author of The Pathway of the Chosen series joins Marta On The Move!

I am extremely into fantasy and fiction writers. I love how their minds work, and reading what spills over onto the pages.  My all time favorite author is Stephen King and favorite book series is The Dark Tower. Ever since reading it, I have been searching for new authors to fill the hole that any book leaves when you are that obsessed. (Yes I used the word obsessed), about it.  I love to interview creators from my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA, and delves into their process.

I met Cathy through my friend Day Bracey from Drinking Partners Podcast, and he told me about her first book in the series The Girl from the North.  I instantly downloaded it to give it a try, and found myself immersed into the rich landscape she painted within her world.  Cathy started off writing poetry and that thoughtfulness shows through in the story she weaves.  I am already finished with the second book in the series, and I, like many others, am awaiting the third.  Patiently……………. 🙂

Join me as we chat about what the process is to make a book, what her habits are, how to self publish, and explore the characters she has written about in The Pathway of the Chosen series.

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