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#54 How To Travel Alone Without Being Lonely.

Hey gang! Just returned from my trip from Portugal, and it was incredible. Working on helping rebuild houses for people in need, and diving to clean up the reef is up there as one of my most rewarding trips.

It is always scary to take that step to get out there, and have some alone time.  I wanted to make it a bit easier on everyone!  Here are some of my tips on how to travel alone, and have a great time just with yourself, or join a group of strangers and make a new friend.  I have included some websites and apps that I use while I travel. I also mentioned a great reference guide to volunteering.

This trip was inspirational for me, and I love at the end of it, you will get to hear some locals chat about what they know about Pittsburgh, and what they love about Portugal!  Shout out to Impact Trip for organizing the program and O Seculo (One of the best hostels I have stayed in!)  I met a ton of wonderful people, and got to experience the real Portugal.  Thank you Wingman and Filipe for letting me come in and give a presentation at your office about my podcasting and travel experiences.  Sorry I got ill, but it was so nice meeting all of you!  Look for the interviews I did with some of you guys after this episode.

The two other episodes will be with my hubby Phil, I went alone in the beginning of the trip, and then he met me a week later at the airport and we continued our journey. (Terribly romantic. I was holding a sign with his name on it) We use part of this podcast as a sort of journal entry for our travel lives, and hopefully share some cool tips on where to stay, eat, drink, and hang out.  Stay tuned for Where to Eat and Drink in Lisbon, and also Short Day Trips from Lisbon.  Enjoy some of my pics from the trip below including some of my awesome spackle work on the house.  #masterspackler!

Websites and people mentioned-


With The Locals

Eat With

Meetup /Speedfriending Lisbon

Anthia Dive Center

Shout outs-

Diogo and Rita, Maria, Luisa, Ricardo, Filipe, Pedro, George, Laura, Rodrigo, Gijs, Dereck, and Egidio!

This episode is brought to you by Xeroshoes!  Best minimal sandal I have found!  Thanks for the kicks guys!

Don’t forget to come to my event at City Theatre May 12th!  Check out the flyer below. Friends of MOTM get the sneak peek tickets for $20. City Theatre Woot!



Spackle spackles hostel luisa




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